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Saint Hubertus

Saint Hubert
Patron Saint of Hunters Medal

Saint Hubertus is a well-known saint to those who follow him, also known as venerations. He was a man of great stature who chose to honor his passions and beliefs rather than stick with his position of power and fortune. Saint Hubert is a man who came from a long line of royalty, a man of great dignity, and someone who arguably became one of the most famous Bishops in Europe.

By the end of this article, you will learn more about the man who became the Patron Saint of Hunters, Archers, mathematicians, opticians, and even metal workers.

Humble Beginnings 

Saint Hubert, also known as St. Hubertus, was a man born to a long line of royalty, and his willingness to divert his life from one of luxury to one of serving others is a large part of the reason why he is hailed as one of the most famous Patron Saints in Europe.

Hubert was born between 675-705 A.D. in Maastricht, France. He was said to be the grandson of a King who once ruled over Toulouse, the great Charibert. Hubert was the firstborn son of Bertrand, the Duke of Aquitaine, and was set to inherit the role of Duke once his father had passed on.

Hubert grew up in Maastricht and earned himself a reputation for indulging himself to the fullest. He was known as someone who liked to indulge in all of the sensual pleasures life had to offer him. 

Hubert was born into a line of royalty, so he grew up in the royal courts. It is said that Hubert often frequented the courts of Nuestria, which is in Northern France. During his time in the courts, he quickly gained a reputation as a promiscuous young man who was quite knowledgeable.

His knowledge and love for mathematics, metalwork, archery, and hunting made him a sought-after person in the courts and amongst hunting parties. Amongst learning and using more ethical hunting strategies, Hubert was also known for his time in the military, which resulted in him earning many titles and rankings. Moreover, his hunting skills made him one of the most sought-after men when rounding up a hunting party, as the party was guaranteed to bring an abundant feast. 

Digging Deeper 

By the time Hubert had earned himself an excellent reputation for indulging in his sensual quests, he was sent by his family to navigate the royal courts of Austria as it was one of the newly established borders between modern France and Germany. While exploring the Austrian courts, he met his future wife, Floribanne.

After meeting Floribanne, he began to court her, and the two were married shortly afterward with the approval of Floribanne’s father, Count Dagobert, the Count of Louvain. The two later went on to have one son named Floribert. However, Hubert always had a passion for hunting. During one of his infamous hunting parties, the ‘hand of God himself’ reached out and changed Hubert’s life forever. 

It is said that Hubert decided to go on a hunting trip while the church patrons celebrated Good Friday. Hubert chased a red stag on horseback while his hunting party accompanied him. Once the stag was cornered, Hubert dismounted from his horse and approached the stag. However, once the majestic stag turned around, Hubert was sent a vision.

In his vision, Hubert saw the stag with a cross in between its antlers, and the voice of God rang out from the vision and told Hubert, “Hubert, unless you turn to the Lord and lead a holy life, you shall fall quickly into the abyss of Hell!”. Upon hearing this, Hubert bowed upon the ground and implored God to help him navigate his new journey. God replied, “Go forth and seek Lambert, and he will instruct you.” 

Shortly after receiving his vision, his wife passed away in childbirth, and this spurred a series of life-changing events for both Hubert and his son Floribert. The first of the changes that Hubert made was to denounce his title of Duke and reject any honor and titles bestowed upon him through his time in the Military.

Hubert then went on to pledge not only his life but also his service to God. Under the spiritual guidance of Lambert, Hubert was soon made a Priest in the church in Maastricht. He passed on the title of Duke to his younger brother, Eudon, who later became the Godfather and caretaker of Hubert’s son, Floribert.

A Life Of Servitude

Amongst the many things Hubert gave up on his journey to follow a more righteous path, Hubert also chose to redistribute his wealth and properties amongst the poor. Once he had gone through with the selfless action, Hubert began to transition seriously into his role of serving God.

Following Lambert’s instructions after being ordained as a priest, Hubert made a passage to Rome to engage with the Pope. During his meeting with the Pope, the Pope was given a vision of the assassination of Lambert. The Pope then ordained Hubert as a Bishop in the church.

Upon his return to Maastricht, Hubert became the head of the church and continued serving the Lord and giving back to others, even donating his entire salary to the poor. 

Hubert spent the rest of his days serving others, and his ministry became increasingly popular. He went on to become a church leader known to be so dedicated to his beliefs that he even braved evangelizing to pagan worshippers. After following the Lord’s will for the rest of his days, Hubert died peacefully in the 727-728 A.D. period and was laid to rest in the Ardennes.

How The Legacy Of Saint Hubertus Lives On

Saint Hubertus was a man of great stature and dignity who gave up his titles to pursue his beliefs. As a result, he has become a big role model in religion, hunting, and many more fields that is still prevalent today.

Saint Hubertus’ legacy still carries on today! The symbol for his patronage is that of a deer with a cross between its antlers, and you can find this symbol on alcoholic beverages, medals, and even coins. In addition, his emblem is given to hunters once they have passed their hunting exams to symbolize them being true hunters.

Saint Hubertus’ legacy also lives on in the hunting dogs, his constant companions. His companion on his hunting parties was often the bloodhound. The bloodhound was later bred with another dog to create an animal with the same characteristics as the bloodhound but with shorter legs to make it easier for the dog to keep up during hunting parties. As a result, basset hounds were bred and became one of the best hunting dogs around. These dogs are even referred to as ‘St. Hubert’s Hounds’ in places like Belgium. It is said that these dogs have been bred and have continued their bloodlines in honor of Saint Hubertus. 

Saint Hubertus was famous for being a leader in hunting, metalwork, mathematics, and more. So, it is no surprise that he is the patron saint for hunters, archers, mathematics, opticians, and many more. 

From his skills in hunting to his strong beliefs and even the love he had for his hounds, it is clear that Saint Hubertus was once a great man. Saint Hubertus left his mark as the inspiration for the evolution of two of the best hunting dogs in the world!

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