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Saint Hubertus

Patron Saint of Hunters Medal

Saint Hubertus is a well-known saint to those who follow him, also known as venerations. He was a man of great stature who chose to honor his passions and beliefs rather than stick with his position of power and fortune. Saint Hubert is a man who came from a long line of royalty, a man […]

About Chiara Principle

Chiara Principle

Chiara Principle Chiara Principe is a numismatic artist specializing in bringing art to life by detailing specific artwork and textures on a small, round piece of metal. In addition, her hobbies of modeling and drawing have enabled her to experience life and art both behind the lens and in front of it. Thus, it gives […]

Saint Hubert

Saint Hubert

Saint Hubert is the Patron Saint of all hunters, archers, dogs, mathematicians, opticians, and metal workers. Some even call Saint Hubert the Patron Saint of all who drinks Jagermeister because you can find his symbol on each bottle cap. The story behind Saint Hubertus, celebrated on the 3rd of November every year, is quite interesting. […]

Saint Hubert, Patron Saint of Hunters

St. Hubert Medallion

Some historical scholars estimate the year was 705 A.D. while others claim it was 656.  Regardless, St. Hubert, the Patron Saint of Hunters was born in the European city of Maastricht of French nationality.  All the scholars agree Hubert died at Fura (the modern city of Tervueren) in the province of Brabant on May 30, […]